Core Business

Game Development

  • Our goal is to make good games. Led by top veteran developers, GAEA's in-house studios has focused on MOBA, SLG and MMO games, including the popular Swords & Fairy released in 2016.
  • Our invested studio has been refreshing the old classics Xuanyuan Sword on phone. We offer developers comprehensive supports in financing, administration, public relations and information sharing, which allows developers to focus on game making.

Game Publishing

  • We bring great games to players around the world. With local offices in major markets, our global distribution network runs 24 hours a day to ensure the best localized game experience.

IP Collaboration

  • From Astro Boy to Xuanyuan Sword, we recreate and refresh the old classic icons on mobile platforms. With our best developers, we hope to recall some of our most cherished fantasies.

Animation and Film Production

  • Working closely with leading animation studios, we have create a world-class production team. Starting with the Aotu series, we strive to produce a revolutionary animation that brings the best stories to life.


  • GAEA has been committed to better MOBA games and events for the Esports communities ever since the launch Ace of Arenas. As passionate gamers we understand the competitions, teamwork, and the strong bonds it brings to the community. We'd hosted full-year tournament gold for the Ace of Arenas and we hope to continue to hold a venue for players to showcase their talents.

Mobile Advertising

  • GAEA owns one of the fastest growing global advertising platforms in the world, Wanfu Technology. We have established strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including Facebook, Google and Twitter. We have more than 100,000,000 users in over 240 countries and regions, contributing over 100,000,000 clicks per day for our thousands of clients around the world. We deliver high quality content to global end-users and we can help you target the right players for your games.
  • Game Development
  • Game Publishing
  • IP Collaboration
  • Animation & Film
  • Esports
  • Mobile Advertising