Work, Play, Change the World

We're not merely gaming company. People at GAEA play with it, live with it, and aim to make games as part of their lifestyle. We want teammates more than colleagues, and we're willing to provide competitive salary, cozy work space, open and diverse team culture. We also give employees a place to grow their career as well as providing thrilling challenges and opportunities.


Games make us happy because they are hard work that we choose for ourselves, and it turns out that almost nothing makes us happier than good, hard work.

——Jane McGonigal

  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Entrepreneurship

Our LeadershipThe Management Team

  • Yann Wang Founder & CEO

  • Glevis Yang Co-founder & COO

  • Wiki Jiao Co-founder & CTO

  • Kun Ding Partner & VP of Research and Development

  • Bin Liu Partner & Secretary of the Board of Directors

  • Eric Li Partner & CFO

  • An An Partner & VP of Business Development

  • Sun Jian Partner & VP of Marketing

  • Jason Dahlberg Director of North American Operations

  • Grace Wang Operation Director

  • Vivian Wang HR Director

  • Beryl Yu Business Manager

  • Feng Jiang Project Manager

  • Mimmy Li Marketing Specialist

  • Yann Wang

    Founder & CEO

    "Of all achievements in my career, I’m most proud of myself turning quite a few smokers into marathon runners in my team." As the founder and CEO of GAEA, Yann values teamwork, persistence, and competition. He is a runner and an outdoor sports fan, also a member of the Peking University basketball team. Before founding GAEA, Yann worked as the marketing director at Kalends Game and COO of Longtu Game. He holds a bachelor degree in Advertising from Peking University.

  • Glevis Yang

    Co-founder & COO

    “Our U.S. office is right next to the 49ers’ new stadium. We host e-Sports events in Korea. We have posters of our games in Bangkok’s subway stations. In Gaea, we speak and live global market daily.” A seasoned business traveler, Glevis rarely goes for more than a month without seeing an airport. His global journey started in North Carolina State University, where he got his MS degree in Electronic Engineering. He worked at Ebay and Supermicro in California, and was the VP at Lemongame HK limited before co-founding Gaea.

  • Wiki Jiao

    Co-founder & CTO

    “Technology is not that complicated at all. You can be on top of all trends by holding on to the cornerstones of computer science and utilizing your analytical skills.” Wiki has built his career around the most cutting-edge technologies. When studying at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, his master thesis was on speech recognition. He also had experience in the field of mobile GPS navigation and cloud computing before he found his passion for mobile games. He is now leading Gaea’s engineering and research team by putting his expertise on data mining and machine learning to daily use.

  • Kun Ding

    Partner & VP of Research and Development

    “Creativity and originality are what we value the most. It is rare enough to be born with them, and even harder to keep them.” Leading Gaea’s game incubation business, Kun is constantly looking for producers just like himself – people who have a proven successful track record and an entrepreneurial spirit. After his graduation as a Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University, Kun dropped out of his master program and joined Perfect World Entertainment Inc. to start his journey in the gaming industry. He has participated in multiple successful productions of different genres, among which MMORPGs are his greatest field of expertise.

  • Bin Liu

    Partner & Secretary of the Board of Directors

    "This team is full of energy and creativity. I used to dress up in suits for work, but now I am enjoying this upbeat, casual working atmosphere. Gaming has now become something that interlocks my work and my personal life." As the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Bin Liu, with nearly twenty years of experience in the Chinese capital market, has successfully led the Gaea Mobile team into the Chinese New Third Board with just six month of time. Raising 800,000,000 RMB, Bin has laid solid financial foundation for Gaea Mobile's strategic plans as it continues to grow.

  • Eric Li

    Partner & CFO

    "Before I became an accountant, I was a hard core gamer. As the CFO of Gaea Mobile, I was able to understand the daily operations by talking with the staffs who create and run our games from a gamer perspective. " Tao Li received his Bachelor’s degree from Fudan University, with years of experience in finance working at KPMG. He considers himself as a prudent accountant and a passionate gamer.

  • An An

    Partner & VP of Business Development

    "I still hang out and play games with friends I made in 1998 playing Quake 2. The first time I web chatted with someone from abroad was on when playing StarCraft. I made my first friend in Japan by playing Winning Eleven with him. The connection I have built with real people via games is a significant part of my life." Now at Gaea, he collaborates with game creators worldwide to deliver better games. Before joining Gaea, An was one of the core team members at Microsoft to bring Xbox One to China. An holds a BS degree from Peking University, an MS from Waseda University and an MBA from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

  • Sun Jian

    Partner & VP of Marketing

    “It has been said I’m a stubborn person, with a borderline obsessive love of my hobbies. Games just happens to be one of my biggest hobbies of all. Here at Gaea I’ve been able to take that passion for gaming and turn it into something productive. I feel blessed to be working in an industry I love.” Sun Jian graduated from Peking University with a Master’s degree in Journalism and Communications. In addition to his years of experience in marketing, Sun Jian enjoys writing and directing screenplays. He has collaborated with the National Theatre Company of China on numerous productions, taking to the stage over 800 times. “It’s no different from my work at Gaea; I make things that I love and I share them, hoping that what I do can make other people as happy as it makes me.”

  • Jason Dahlberg

    Director of North American Operations

    “My father bought me my first games console when I was a kid. It was an Intellivision. I have been a gamer ever since then.” Jason definitely knows a good game when he sees one and remains just as passionate about games as he was growing up. In between leading Gaea’s operation in North America and being a father, he still makes time for a Friday “game night” when he can. He was with Kalends Game, Gamewave and Lemongame before he joined Gaea. “I joined Gaea because I believe in our games. I would spend time playing them even if I wasn't working on them.” Jason studied Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University and got his BA degree from Florida State University.

  • Grace Wang

    Operation Director

    “I wake up every day looking forward to going to work, because I know that the games I work on bring people happiness.” Grace was an English Major at Nankai University. She found her path in the gaming industry soon after graduation. Before joining Gaea, Grace had accumulated over 5 years of experience at Renren, Kalends Game and Kabam. Responsible for coordinating Ace of Arenas’ launch in North America and Europe, Grace is working with 3 different time zones, speaking 2 languages and using 4 communication channels with her team: “Email, Skype, QQ and WeChat, you can find me anywhere around the clock.”

  • Vivian Wang

    HR Director

    “It is every HR person’s dream to build a high quality human resources management system from scratch up to the highest standard. At Gaea, I am given the opportunity to do that. It is not an easy job, but I am enjoying the challenge so far.” Vivian graduated from Beihang University with an MS in Information Management and Information System. She spent 11 of her 12 years of experience working in human resources with IT companies, such as Shanda Group, a NASDAQ listed gaming company.

  • Beryl Yu

    Business Manager

    “To be honest, I was never a gamer before joining Gaea. I spend most of my spare time travelling, especially going on road trips. When I found out that many of our business partners, even those who are not in the gaming industry are actually playing Gaea’s games, I was pleased and amazed.” Beryl brought her extensive experience in corporate finance and business management to Gaea and found a new lifestyle here. “I really like how open and friendly the culture is here. I can feel and be a part of the pride we take in our products even though I am not a game developer. I am now hooked on Soul Clash. It’s always a great topic of conversations with our vendors, auditors or even government officials.”

  • Feng Jiang

    Project Manager

    “To me, CG is more like language than technology. By mastering the language, I can make myself better understood.” Feng studied graphic design in school, had started her own clothing business and worked as an office clerk before she found her path to Gaea’s Visual Art Creative Center in Shanghai. Spending most of her spare time on animation and comics, Feng’s passion and career are one and the same. “I feel lucky to be able to work towards my dream every day. I hope one day I can be part of a production like the anime One Piece. One Piece has greatly inspired me over the years, and I hope my work can inspire people in the same way.”

  • Mimmy Li

    Marketing Specialist

    “I have to thank my mom for not punishing me that one time she caught me playing Stone Age in an Internet café at 2 o’clock in the morning. She’d been frantically searching for me all over the city for the whole night. I was only ten back then, but I was already a hardcore gamer.” Mimmy is as committed to the gaming industry now as she was to games then. As a marketing specialist, she is always excited about finding new opportunities of introducing Gaea games to more people. “I had tried out quite a few fields before I joined Gaea. I really enjoy the sense of purpose and belonging I find here. My mom tells me that she knew I’d be great in the field of gaming, and I’m sure that her support has played a very important part in my career path.”

Job OpeningsRecruitment

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  • Community Manager
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development
  • Customer Service/Community Management/Regional Liaison
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  • Santa Clara, California
  • Beijing

Community Managers

Community Manager
Santa Clara, California
Apply now

Gaea Mobile continues to expand and seeks community manager to help with these and many games to come. If you love games, social media, and working with players then this is the place for you. We encourage creativity and give you lots of room for your social media content.


1.       Fully responsible for creating, planning, and posting news and events on social media.

2.       Help players via social media and work with customer service to resolve issues.

3.       Identify key trends from out sites and others. Analyze data from out sites and incorporate them into reports.

4.       Host live streams.

5.       Support marketing and operations with promotions.

6.       Test new games and issues with current games.



1.       Familiar with mid to hard core mobile games.

2.       Very familiar with Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and twitter. In addition be aware of new and trending social media sites.

3.       Be very creative especially in terms of event and content creation.

4.       Able to work with little supervision.

5.       Excellent written and verbal skills.

6.       Maintain a positive attitude in stressful situations. Be able to inspire players.

7.       Willingness to take on new tasks and learn new things.

8.       Ability to be flexible around shifting work hours and days.

9.       Experience with Photoshop a plus.


1.       Must be authorized to work in the U.S.

2.       Must work from our location in Santa Clara, California.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Contact us at


Customer Service Reps

Customer Service
Santa Clara, California
Apply now

Gaea Mobile has just acquired a large amount of mobile games and is looking for customer service agents to help with these games and many games to come. If you love games, helping players, and the startup atmosphere then this is the place for you.


1.       Helping players via our customer service platform and other relevant platforms in a timely manner.

2.       Researching game issues and resolve them by yourself or passing along to the development team.

3.       Contribute to an FAQ based on common questions encountered.

4.       Helping moderate live streams.

5.       Working closely with the team in order to pass on accurate information to the players.

6.     Identify major trends and pass those along to development team.



1.       Currently play mid to hard core mobile games.

2.       Show strong empathy for players.

3.       Able to work with little supervision.

4.       Excellent written and verbal skills.

5.       Maintain a positive attitude in stressful situations.

6.       Willingness to take on new tasks and learn new things.

7.       Ability to be flexible around shifting work hours or days.


1.       Must be authorized to work in the U.S.

2.       Must work from our location in Santa Clara, California.


Sound like something you’re interested in? Contact us at

Business Development Analyst/Manager

Business Development
Apply now

Primary responsibilities:
Work with VP of Global Business Development and internal teams to source, develop, negotiate, and close investment or partnership deals with potential business opportunities worldwide, e.g., IP licensing, game co-development  
Understand the mobile gaming ecosystem deeply; partner with clients to bring unique, differentiated monetization solutions into their user experience
Represent franchises throughout multiple levels of internal and external management (from the executive to the product level)…often across multiple, worldwide business cultures
Synthesize research into strategic direction, including market/competitive analysis, usability, and focus groups
Communicate recommendations through visuals, infographics, research synthesis, and strategic insights
Maintain high level of internal and external partner and customer satisfaction
Requirements include:
Passion for gaming, mobile internet and hi-tech industry 
Preference for broad and deep understanding of the video game industry
Strong business acumen and ability to think strategically and execute tactically
Superb analytical, financial, and customer relationship skills
Ability to work independently and juggle multiple projects and priorities
Cross-functional work experience across business development, finance, and marketing
Strong PPT slide building/presentation and Excel modeling skills
Preference for strong Mobile and/or PC Games experience
Preference for 1+ year working experience in top-tier consulting or investment banking firms

Bilingual (English/Chinese) Gamer

Customer Service/Community Management/Regional Liaison
Apply now

Gaea Mobile has just released its new mobile MOBA Ace of Arenas and is looking for a Native English Speaker to help with localization and act as liaison between regional offices. If you love games, speak English and Chinese, and the startup atmosphere then this is the place for you.


1.       Localization

a.       Help perfect our products for release in English markets worldwide by proofreading games, their updates, and giving feedback in terms of cultural acceptance.

b.      Performing various translation and QA tasks (games, websites, art assets, etc.)

2.       Customer Service/Community Management

a.       Work with local operations teams to create events and content for social media.

b.      Help players via Customer Service and Social media, then reporting issues to teams.

3.       Regional Liaison

a.       Working with offices in the U.S. and other teams to ensure that operational updates and information was passed along accordingly.

b.      Act as representative for the U.S. office when during their non-working hours.


1.       Native English Speaker.

2.       Bachelor’s degree or above.

3.       Strong command of the Chinese language.

4.       Have a passion for games.

5.       Able to legally work full time in Beijing.

6.       Possess the means to work legally or meet requirements for a visa for this position.

7.       Familiar with social media such as Facebook, twitter, and forums.

8.       Previous gaming localization experience is a plus.

Gaea mobile was just founded last year and in this short amount of time have had hit games such as Soul Clash and Ace of Arenas. We currently have offices in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Taiwan, and the United States. We have brought our games to over 8,000,000 gamers worldwide. Our aim is to create a world-class mobile game brand.

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