To fulfill every dream about gaming.

Our goal is to cultivate a part of soil where inspirational ideas of games could germinate and bear fruits from the bottom up.

We hope to unite all the people around the world who love games, to respect, protect and cultivate every idea, combining continuous breakthrough technology with various exploration of aesthetics, to create games that all the players around the world really love to play.

We believe that GAEA games will eventually break the culture, time and generation boundaries, allowing different players to enjoy the moving and happy time.

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  • Game Studios

    Game Studios

    GAEA currently has 4 in-house development studios which, aside from their own projects, have also cooperated with world class studios such as CD Projekt Red, Behaviour, and more. From these development experiences, Gaea has created a successful cross-region and cross-platform development model.

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    Shining In Your Heart

    An all-new distribution studio under GAEA.
    Shining In Your Heart's aim is to become a true cultural explorer, a brand with an international scope that can carve out a space of its own within the wider world of the gaming industry. An ecosystem that works to serve the gamers and the industry with compassion at its core. Shining In Your Heart places value in truly outstanding works, providing experiences that resonate with each and every player.

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  • 7 Doc Studio

    7 Doc Studio

    Adhering to the concept of "To live is to change the world," 7 Doc is the first ACG ( animation, comic and game) studio in China to successfully realize the value of self created IP across the industrial chain through animation creation, game, and merchandise, etc. The anime AOTU World and Blade of Vengers are extremely popular among teen audiences.

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  • iYingdi


    iYingdi is the most influential card game community in China. Its name iYingdi means "Planeswalkers' camp". Each fanatic card player is called a Planeswalker and the Camp is the space where they interact with each other and enjoy the magic of card games.

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Founded in October 2014, GAEA aims to provide high-quality interactive entertainment content to users around the world.
With branches in Mainland China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, GAEA develops and delivers games, animation, and other entertainment content globally.
GAEA's games include Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, AOTU World, Blade of Vengers, Oriental Fables, etc.

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