Gaea Mobile Limited is an online entertainment group with a global vision and a goal of cultivating high quality original content. Since its establishment in 2014, Gaea's development strategies have consisted of "focusing on core content, creating deep integrations and development of platforms, and cutting-edge R&D". Gaea, over the years, also created:
- 7Doc, a Chinese IP with its own original content that covers all aspects, from development to publishing.
- iYingdi, is a user-facing community and operations platform distributed with games.
- Pegasus, a group of experienced R&D studios, along with various other sectors.
- Multiple teams dedicated to back and middle stage functions, using the most efficient allocation of resources.

Gaea Mobile Limited, as a company, is focused on the development of two core aspects: dedication and professionalism. With a forward-thinking analysis of the market and industry, Gaea continues to show growth in terms of creating business opportunities including mobile game development, multi-cultural content creation, IP development and commercialization, virtual idols, metaverse, and much more. While strengthening their own business capabilities, they are also looking to accelerate the number of high-quality investments and their financial capabilities.

Gaea Mobile Limited currently has over 700 employees worldwide. The domestic team is made up of offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and various other cities in China. Its overseas business has expanded to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and other regions. The company culture of Gaea focuses on the value of long-term growth, advocates the spirit of sportsmanship, and having Gaea developers work closely with young people to establish common business goals and overcome difficulties.


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