SprintThe Burning Souls of Youth

A simple and direct office environment. Like-minded teammates collaborating to tackle key problems. We want those who are unique and full of enthusiasm.

Hello Interesting SoulIn a simple and open working atmosphere, you can voice your thoughts and suggestions freely. Here, communication is easy and your opinions matter.
A Collision of Multicultural Passions Employees from 11 countries, and many well-known universities across the globe, all teaming up with others who have a passion for games and a common goal.

High-EndHigh-Level Mentors Leading Warriors to Advance Their Careers

With distinct and targeted training programs and courses, we provide the resources for you to grow and develop within the company.

From New-Player Villages to Helpful UpgradesWe provide all-round training and counseling for you that will help you learn more workplace and professional skills, and skills that will allow you to quickly adapt to your new position.
Looking for Training? We Got It Get mentoring in a one-on-one environment where you will learn trade secrets and acquire new skills to be used in your position.
Show of Your Talents in Exclusive Events A monthly special event tailored just for you. This is a stage for you to show yourself, and at the same time help you get familiar with and integrate yourself with your team.
GAEA-T Training Camps Adhering to the concept of "Open and Sharing", there are high-quality internal and external lectures every 2 weeks. These lectures share industry development trends and professional knowledge with all employees. We are dedicated to your growth and progress.
Nurturing Body and Mind as One. "Reading should not be for its eloquence, nor disproving or blind obedience, it should encourage thinking and broadening minds.” With book recommendations each month, you can find good reads to enrich your life and broaden your horizons.

Holy LightBuff Keeps you Going!

Transferring energy and caring for your health. We are not looking to employ working machines; with Gaea's benefits we make sure you are happy and healthy.

Keeping the Most Important Account SecureWe protect you with five different insurances and a housing fund.
Debuffs Dispelled We provide annual health checkups, 100% outpatient and emergency treatments, and hospitalization compensation. Work is important, but so is your health.
Creating Clarity and Insight EAP psychological counseling courses: helping solve various psychological and behavioral problems through professional training and consultation not only improves work performance but also creates a healthy working environment.
Yuan Li Benefits At Gaea we provide many types of benefits, we do not just celebrate holidays such as Children's Day, Chinese Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc. but we also provide food, drinks, and games.
We Love Sports Show off your skills in the basketball club! Not a basketball fan? Then create a club of your own to play with friends who have similar interests.

LoveGood ol' TLC

The company culture is one that cares about you as a human.

All of us are here for you during the most important moments in life. We are by your side in the most important moments of life. We will always do our best to support you both professionally and personally.
Rest Well to Work Well In addition to the normal statutory holidays, we also have annual leave and paid sick leave.
Breaking the Ice Baseball games, dragon boat races, pop-up chorus'; we continue to meet new people and have new, fun experiences through cooperation.
Thanking the Family Members that Support You An open family day is held every year, inviting parents, children, spouses, and special family members(cute pets), to visit the company and hang out.
It is Never Too Late to Do Good Through our actions we can change the world. We donate to A-Dream Center classrooms, and to the Loving Kitchen through charity hikes. These activities help give children a better future in which they can thrive.