• Jufeng
  • Yunmeng
  • Zhijian
  • Douwu
  • BHVR
  • Gaijin

Jufeng Studio

Straightforward and self-motivation are two of the main attributes of Jufeng Studio. They devote themselves to what they believe in, and support each other when they are facing challenges. They strive to be as powerful as a Hurricane, where they got their name from.

  • Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall
  • Castle Age
  • Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North
  • Heirs of the Dragon

Yunmeng Studio

Yunmeng is an insightful and practical studio, which has brought many excellent games to players. They always believe that they can change the industry with exploration and innovation.

  • The Legend of Sword and Fairy 3D Round
  • Persona of Mountains and Seas

Zhijian Studio

Zhijian means "holding a sword" in Chinese. With a sharp blade in hand, the studio can clean every dungeon and defeat all the enemies standing in its way.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
  • Final Fantasy XV Mobile
  • The Elder Scrolls:Legends

Douwu Studio

Douwu Studio is the pioneer of the mobile MOBA ( multiplayer online battle arena) game.Its perfectionism and idealism are sometimes contradictory but are also a unique aspect that the top studios require.

Coming Soon
  • Fight for Freedom

BHVR Studio

BHVR Studio is the largest Canadian independent game studio with more than 25-year experience in PC and console games. BHVR Studio currently have over 200 million players worldwide. They have built a "competitive yet balanced" game development model and successfully keep their active player fanbase coming back for more.

Coming Soon
  • Dead by Daylight

Gaijin Studio

Gaijin Studio is the largest full-platform independent game studio in the Russian Federation. Gaijin has been in this battlefield since 2002 and always fights to make games as perfect as possible.

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Coming Soon
  • Crossout
  • War Thunder
  • 4th Floor-14087,Main Tower, Haiyun Center, No. 59, Linhai Boulevard, Shengang Cooperative District, Qianhai, Shenzhen City
  • 0755-86720836 (24/7)
  • business@gaea.com